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Horecka picked finalist for Texas book award

Three dozen writers from across the Lone Star State—including this weary blogger—were recognized during a recent awards ceremony by the Texas Institute of Letters (TIL), one of the state’s oldest and most respected literary organizations. According to TIL president Sergio Troncoso, this year’s contest saw a record number of entries, all vying for the more than $25,000 in cash prizes given across the 12 award categories. Troncoso—who rose from the son of poor Mexican immigrants to become a distinguished Ivy League scholar, award-winning novelist (several times over now), short story author and noted essayist, with works published in everything from academic journals and anthologies to Texas Monthly and The Dallas Morning News —hosted the awards ceremony held Saturday, April 17, in El Paso , offered virtually for the first time ever as part of ongoing pandemic precautions. “I’m thrilled we had such a successful awards season,” Troncoso said. “I want to thank the judges for their w