Merry Christmases and New Years and Stuff...

Holing up 
for the

Can't say I blame you. Just way too much in states of transition right now, especially since it seems to be taking the slow walk  around the world right now. Too many people I know who spent the season alone. Several for the first time.
In their present situation, anyway

We've lost too many this year...

 I know its coming.
            I can feel it.
            Prickles on
                golden hairs
                     long lost ghosts
of my phantasmal
             fortune.  Time to
                    fortify, fluidly.

                                                                                      Nuff said. 
                                                                     To borrow
     a phrase: 
                                                                          Most nuff…

I know perhaps better than most it ain't fun. It's hard as hell, in fact. Those old familiar faces suddenly just not there anymore, as if something vital of ourselves broke off, sudden and unexpected.
Not merely precious, but necessary, needed, like all the air in the room. Hard to breathe in all that crushing alone. Especially at times like these. 

Just know
it will better. 
Or so they say.
Eventually.Yet never when nor how we have cometo expect. But crazy ol' world in which we live loves to surprise.
Just know that I've seen it. For when you look back to where they used to be, I saw and I understood.  Because I miss them, too.                                                                                 


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